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Dianne, CJ & Klover
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About Us
Our Beginning

Hello, my name is CJ, a lot of years and hard work have taken me from building Adirondack chairs in my garage for extra money to a retail outdoor furniture store and chair woodshop located at 1008 East New Circle Road, Lexington, Kentucky 40505.  How I started.......
Our First Adirondack Chairs 
Back in 1996 I was looking for some outdoor chairs and tables for a new deck and screened-in-porch I had just finished adding onto my home. While I was looking at pictures in various outdoor living magazines of furniture I found myself really liking the classic beauty of Adirondack chairs. So I began searching local stores and looking through catalogs for some Adirondack chairs, but all I found were thin fragile tooth-pick looking chairs that all looked the same. Yes, I was disappointed because the chairs in the magazines looked great, but not the ones I found in the stores. This is when I decided to build my own. So I went back to work using some left over Treated Pine boards from my deck project and a magazine do-it-yourself project for a Chattahoochee Adirondack chair. The chairs I ended up building were different from the magazine because I altered the wood dimensions and they ended up being wider and thicker, but they looked nice and I was pleased. It turned out that making them different was a good thing because they ended up being extremely sturdy chairs. In fact, I still have one of them today that is 25 years old and it is as solid as ever. You could say this was the beginning of Clarks Outdoor Chairs as I soon got requests from family and friends to build them some.
What We Believe Customers Want 
Today the Adirondack chair market is saturated with an abundance of mass produced chairs from China and Vietnam. It seems that finding affordable high quality handcrafted Adirondack chairs is not easy as good craftsmanship has taken a back seat to cost driven products. Sadly, a good many of these mass produced chairs are sold and people are left disappointed after they only last a year or two or until they get a real good strength and stress test. My belief is most people feel the same way I felt back in 1996; that is they want something sturdy and handcrafted that will last. Who wants to waste money on cheap stuff, right? So why not spend a little more money and buy a quality American made product. So here is my promise; I will build you a high quality Adirondack chair that will last you many years at a fair price.  
Looking Ahead 
Adirondack chairs are an iconic American classic outdoor chair and it is only fitting that they should made in the USA. So we will continue to build and offer our high quality Adirondack chairs as well as continuing to work with other high quality USA producers of outdoor furniture that we can proudly sell along with our chairs.