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Ordering and Shipping

Payment Options
  • Online Ordering, 24 Hours - 7 Days - A Week , use your Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express credit cards.                                                    
  • Phone Orders, use any of the above credit cards, send a personal check or money order
  • Walk In Orders, use cash, any the above credit cards, personal check or money order with proper ID
  • Note: All payments by credit cards will be posted on your monthly statement as "Clarks Outdoor Chairs".
  • Note: On-Line credit card transactions take 4 to 6 business days to be completely processed. We cannot ship an order out before settlement is completed.

Credit Card Transaction Security 

Your name, address, phone number, email address and card numbers are needed to confirm approval by our payment gateway provider, Authorize.Net for all credit card transactions, see privacy policy
  For your protection Secure Sockets Layer (SSL Encryption) technology is used to encrypt your credit card information you send over the internet during "Transaction" data transfer by our web server and Authorize.Net.  Only the last four digits of a credit card number are ever seen. 
How can you tell if an internet connection is actually using SSL Encryption? It is a good idea to make sure a site is using this technology even though they may inform you they are.  The best and easiest way to check for yourself is by seeing if the web address on the page that asks for your credit card information begins with "https:" instead of "http:"; if so, this technology is in place.  Our site becomes secure once you enter the checkout stage while placing an order.
Authorize.Net Data Security; Retention:  While Authorize.Net uses commercially reasonable efforts to safeguard "Transaction" data transmitted while using their gateway payment Service (SSL Encryption), they do not warrant that "Transaction" data will not be transported without unauthorized interception or modification.  Even though SSL Encryption is virtually impossible to break, there still remains an extremely slim chance that someone could get lucky.  Therefore, no one can truthfully say they are 100% sure nothing will ever happen.  However, this is true with any type of transaction method.
Our Security:  Even though we only receive the last four numbers of a customers' credit card on our company computer when sales information is transferred back to us, we still have safeguards (firewall, spyware) in place to protect your personal data as well as our own.  Per our agreement with Authorize.Net we fully comply with all Authorize.Net security protocols and security advisories.

Order Expectancy

How long before you get an order?  Our handcrafted Clarks Original Adirondack Chairs are usually filled within four to six weeks, but that can vary depending on the time of year and what you order. We can give you a better time frame if you call us at 1-859-225-4399.  If you have a special request (birthday gift, party) we will work with you in anyway we can.  An important reminder, stained furniture requires extra time to finish as well as to dry before we can ship it.  If you order furniture that we are an authorized dealer for the time frame is usually two to four weeks.


Most of our orders are shipped by Fed Ex Ground and Fed Ex Home Delivery. The cost varies with each item purchased. Our chairs, tables and ottomans are packaged at our shop in our custom made boxes. Expected delivery is almost always within 5 working days. Multi-chair orders that meet certain shipping and cost criteria can be placed on a pallet and shipped freight fully assembled.

Shipping Damage
If there is any damage call us immediately so we can notify our shipper. Email or text us pictures as they will help us to see the extent of the damage. Then we can determine if you can repair it with a new part or if we need you to send it back to us. Any damage will be taken care of ASAP.  

Tracking Your Order
UPS and Fed Ex both use a tracking number to identify and locate a package as it moves through their shipping systems to its destination.  A tracking number is automatically assigned to a package once it is logged into their systems. If we have your correct email address you will be notified when your ordered has shipped along with the tracking number.  You can go on-line and enter the number into the UPS or Fedex track a shipment box located on their websites so you can find out exactly where your shipment is located and the expected delivery date. For a tracking number for a freight order you can call us.

Web Site:    www.ups.com
Telephone:    1-800-457-4022
Fed Ex
Web Site: www.fedex.com
Telephone:  1-800-463-3339