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Dear CJ,

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my Adirondack chairs. Not only are they extremely well constructed and sturdy, they are incredibly comfortable and beautiful. I love sitting on my deck and enjoying a cold beer and a cigar. Everyone who sees them ask where I got them. I've given your name and number to a number of my friends. Again, I couldn't be happier.


Hi CJ,

Outstanding! Thanks for all your help with the set up.  It was not only easy, but each piece was clearly marked and every pre-drilled hole matched up perfectly.  The chairs are awesome.  Love the wood and they are really sturdy, just what I was looking for.  I can't believe I had to go to Kentucky to find proper Adirondack chairs for my house in the Adirondacks!!!  I'll send you a picture next week.
Thanks again,
Windham, NY        

Thanks CJ for two great chairs.  They came on time, were easy to put together and are very comfortable.  We chose the "Tremonts" for their strength, comfort and durability.  They now sit atop our upper Beach House deck which faces the Atlantic Ocean.  We feel assured they will withstand the occasional Nor'easter storms that come up.  Pleasure doing business with you
Chevy Chase,  MD

This is FABULOUS!!!  I can't tell you how long I have searched for someone who could reproduce the famous Westport chair Many people have simply never heard of this before.  Poor them!  I am so looking forward to getting it and sitting back to enjoy my garden !
Thank You,
Cindy  Syracuse,  NY

Just wanted to finally let you know that my parents love the Charmed Adirondack chair and I will definetly buy more in the near future...thanks for the great customer service!!! 
Thanks again....Beth                
Oak Park, CA

CJ, received them, put them together in 20 minutes, and LOVING them. I'm going to send you a jpg photo next week.
 Thanks for everything!  They're the best Adirondack chairs I have seen.
Brooklyn, NY

I have bragged about my Charmed Adirondack chairs to my upscale gardening center and accessory store and am giving her the information about your website.  Hopefully, you'll get some business from her.  I love our chairs.  Hope you have a Merry Christmas.
Kindest Regards,
Wilmington, NC


All I can say is wow! The way you have designed these Westport chairs and created the set-up it is truly a well thought out package.
 The Mahogany wood was just too nice to paint over and so we put on a satin finish Poly and they really turned out great. I have three coats but plan to go over the chairs with steel wool and ad one more coat.
 The design is massive , these babies are made to last and work not only as chairs but also as reading tables and dining tables. Attached are pictures for you review.
Do you have any interest in marketing here in NY and the ADKs ?




CJ just wanted to let you know my father is thrilled with the Cedar Log Rockers as you can see by the bold and blue below!
I talked to him yesterday and he was rocking in them for the first time.  I haven't seen him this excited about a present in a while so thanks a lot!  I'm sure I'll do future business with you and I'll tell all my friends where they can find some quality furniture!
They came today. They are beautiful!!! I started varnishing them this afternoon and will finish tomorrow. I can’t wait to get them on the back porch.
I’ll send y’all a photo when I get them finished.

fyi, it sounds like your "Big Red" Classic Adirondack chairs were well-received..!  From my friends:
 "We like them so much we're using them inside right now. They are very comfortable for TV watching especially with a fat cat on your lap.
 The chairs seemed to be hand made. The directions were clear, the parts were hand numbered. It was really a joy to put them together because you had the sense that someone rather than something made them."
Thanks again, best wishes

My cardinal arrived today and has a place of honor by the entry door.  Will sit outside come summer where he can be admired by all who pass by. 


Jacqueline, NH

I wanted to let you know that we received our two Katelyn Mahogany chairs and multi purpose footstool on Friday. We put them together on Saturday. It was so easy to do.
How gorgeous! We are so impressed with your workmanship. The Mahogany lumber is gorgeous! The stain is perfect! The design is beautiful and comfortable! They look fabulous under our new pergola.
My husband is a real perfectionist and he couldn't believe how lovely they were....better than he could have ever done, even if he had the right tools.
We love everything about our chairs ans stool and would recommend you to everyone.
You are a true craftsman. Feel free to use this testimonial on your website.
Thank you, Vicky

Just went out and checked out the new Polywood Adirondack chairs and saw that the table was in. Everything looks great and the chairs are pretty doggone comfortable too. Erin and I really love it. Thanks for handling it all.

CJ, the five Katelyn chairs are great - very nice quality! They were easy to assemble. Next week we will weather-proof them.
As soon as we financially recover from this (smily face).....I will order a foot rest and a table....

Hi CJ Gross,
Just wanted to let you know that our Katelyn and Westport chairs finally made it to Copenhagen, Denmark, and you have all out compliments for a fantastic craftmanship. As I mentioned your chairs were recommend to us by friends, but we never actually saw them before now. We will have to get some more for our house in Boston next spring.
Thanks for helping our dreams of these chairs on our dock come true!
Best regards, Henrik

Just wanted to finally send you pics of your beautiful Lakeview cypress chairs in our yard.  We now feel we have to make the patio bigger.  I put a clear coat of Cabbots on them and they really look beautiful.  We are very happy with your chairs, tables and foot stools.  So glad we got the foot stools...makes it so comfortable when we can put our feet up!!!  Everyone loves them and they are so comfortable and beautiful.  Your directions for putting together were perfect and we had no trouble at all.  Thanks for making them so beautiful.

Chairs Are Amazing
Wanted to let you know that our Westport chairs are assembled and that Alex and I spent some comfortable moments, on a snowy day, testing them in the basement!  Scenery wasn't good but we love the chairs.
Please add us to your list for two additional chairs in the spring.
Thanks again,
Don and Olive

Hello CJ
Good talking with you yesterday regarding the purchase of 2 Westport chairs and the finishing of them.  Thanks for the tip on the plugs, it worked wonders and was quite simple to accomplish. Right now the plugs show up a bit on the one chair, but not a big deal.  Here are two pictures.  One with just the WP chair you sent our way and the other is the two chairs put together and a mini Adirondack chair.  Just a little something to keep me occupied.  Thanks, this is a wonderful product that you created.  It is nice and sits very comfortable.  The directions were right on target and pictures helped when it wasn't clear.
Thanks again for this quality piece of lawn furniture.  We plan to enjoy these for the rest of our lives!
  Jarrig and Judy

The Katelyn chairs are beautiful.  I just finished assembling...piece of cake. They are very sturdy and look great.  I recommend jungle green to all of your customers.  And now the best part, my wife Diane loves them.
Have a terrific New Year!
Mark, New York.

I just received my first chair Katelyn from your company.  The quality and craftsmanship were outstanding.  My husband said if you can drive a car you can put the chair together. Very easy!
FYI - I have just ordered a matching chair.  Looking forward to receiving it.  (By the way, there is no rush.) 
Thank you Kathy                                     
Phoenix, AZ

Dear CJ,
I just had to drop you this note to thank you for the fine product you have in the Westport chairs.  As soon as we unpacked the first chair, my son Mark, who is a stickler for specifications, said, "by golly those legs are a full 2 inches and the arms and seat boards are a full inch" He then lifted the seat assembly and just grinned.  He knew he had a quality chair.
I did all the assembly and finishing, and it was a pleasure to work with your chairs.  After restoring this old house that we live in and working with the stuff that was built almost 100 years ago and seeing the care and craftsmanship that went into it, I had a special interest in your chairs.  I couldn't help but notice some of the little things, like softening the sharp edges, the galvanized hardware, the simplicity of design, that made the assembly so easy, and the selection of a hardwood that will certainly add to the life of the chairs.
I have enclosed a couple photos with the chairs on the front porch.  Once again, thank you for a fine product (they're hard to find these days).  By the way, I got so carried away talking about the quality of the chairs that I forgot another very important feature.  They are very, very comfortable.
St Paul, MN

Dear CJ,
This is just a quick note to let you know we put the Katelyn chair together -  all was easy once we figured out that we needed a different bit on the drill.
I will write a proper recommendation with high praise in the next week.
Right now, I want you to know that the chair exceeds my expectations.  It is truly remarkable.  First off, it is the sturdiest chair ever. I can see it will last for generations. Seriously - with just a bit of care, why wouldn't it last forever?
It's a joy to sit in and it's beautiful to look at.  Plus, knowing that I know the man who made it gives it an extra richness.  How many people, in this day and age, can say they know the person or people who makes the things they enjoy?
Ultimately, the chairs you make are great luxuries - in the best sense - custom, beautiful, and long-lasting.
More later.

Hi Clark,
Attached are two photos of the Redwood Adirondack chairs you delivered yesterday. We really love them and they are a perfect fit in the backyard.
Thanks for a great product and happy 4th of July.
Best regards,

CJ Gross and Crew
I'm delighted with the Katelyn Adirondack chairs you built for me. Assembly was easy and the directions were very good, to the point, and lacking in the superfluous detail so common. Best of all, they were written in  easy-to-follow, step-by-step form. I found I had to increase the depth of the pilot holes to attach one arm. Fortunately, you'd included four extra screws. No big deal.
You were quite right; the photos don't do them full justice. They're beautiful and well-made. Fit and finish were near-perfect.
I'm looking forward to getting the Multi-purpose ottomans, to complete the set. The chairs are very comfortable without either the ottoman OR the cushions I'd purchased.
Well done! Jim

CJ’s chairs cross the ocean... and reach Switzerland!!!
Dear CJ, it has been a long wait, but finally last evening when I went home after work, I founded six big boxes: your chairs have finally arrived. The emotion has been high when I opened the first box, and I felt proud to become one happy owner of your fantastic Westport chairs.
Once again let me thank you for your collaboration and for your help, and let me express you my admiration for the quality of your work: you did great!
Now I have some assembling to do, and as soon as I can, I sure will take some pictures to send you.
Once again, let me thank you. Greetings...

Clark -
The Charmed Adirondack chairs you built are beautiful and the construction exceeded my expectations.  Yeah - they weigh a ton and their life expectancy will

probably outlast mine.  Many thanks for your quality craftsmanship.
Attached are some photos of the 2 chairs, ottoman and side table that I thought you might appreciate.  They work (and look) great on the deck of my home in southern Utah.  What a perfect way to sit, relax and enjoy the view.

The 4' Cedar planter box arrived on Sat.  It looks gorgeous and smells wonderful.
Thanks very much.

Dear CJ-
Apologies that this has taken me so long.  We love our
 Westport chairs and wanted to make sure that you knew that and had some photos of how they look at home in Summit, New Jersey.  My husband and I eat dinner out here at night and use the chair arms as our tables for our drinks and plates.  They are so handsome and comfortable.
Thank you again!

I received my Westport Mahogany chairs and put them together (with my 5 year old son), and we love them.  Attached is a shot of them ready for use.
We look forward to many years of enjoying them.
Thanks for all your help.
Best, Barry

CJ, I have received my 2 Polywood Adirondack chairs and my husband got them together yesterday. They are so nice, such sturdy quality chairs. My husband was impressed with all the stainless steel hardware and how easy they were to put together.
Thanks again!

Thanks for the Polywood Adirondack chairs. We assembled them and they are great. We are considering ordering 2 more so our guest can enjoy them with us this summer. Thanks again.

Thank you for your wonderful chairs!  We ordered twoTr
emont Adirondack chairs in Ipe two years ago and they are just as sturdy today as the day they arrived.  In fact, they are in much better shape than the more expensive teak chairs we bought at the same time.


CJ and Dianne,
The Big Red Mahogany Adirondack chair arrived and in advance of my birthday despite my lovely wife's last minute order. Some things you should know about the recipient of one of the Clark's chairs. Two key things, my wife takes special pride in making birthdays very special hence she is known as the Birthday Fairy and one doesn't mess with her when she is on a mission to make a birthday very special. I have wanted a high quality Adirondack chair for some time. My father and grandfather were excellent carpenters and woodcrafters who failed to pass on the genes that would enable me to create a great Adirondack but they did pass on the appreciation for a well crafted product. All those factors and your willingness to not only craft such a great chair but to do so promptly in time for my birthday will be long appreciated.
Sincerely, Jim

We received the back brace today and put the Big Red chair together. It is very handsome in our study with a few pillows and a cozy throw. The quality of the chair and design are very good. It's extremely sturdy. What I didn't expect is how very comfortable it is! It's the most comfortable adirondack chair I've ever tried. I expect this will be the favorite reading chair in the house.
Thank you for offering a top notch product and service!
Thank You says it all.
We recieved the chair and ottoman. My wife loves it so much she has placed it in our living room. She watches TV and uses the laptop all while louging in our Katelyn. All we need now is for the weather to break and the contractor to be able to finish the screened porch
Thanks again, Lenny