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Crestwood Adirondack Chair
Chair Assembly
Broken Down For Shipping

All our Clarks Original Chairs, tables and ottomans are broken down for shipping. For example, our Big Red Classic Adirondack chair has the following components.  The two front legs, the two arms, the seat section, the back section and back brace board.  The seat and back sections of all our chairs are already assembled. Our tables and ottomans only require you to attach the legs. We guarantee that all the sections and pre-drilled holes will match up correctly, since every chair and table has been completely assembled by us before we break them down for shipping.   
What You Need To Assemble

This requires only some basic tools. You will need a cordless drill with a Phillips head screwdriver bit and a wrench or socket set.  We include all the necessary hardware (i.e.screws, bolts) as well as step by step instructions. You only need to attach the sections together. Once you get started you will find the assembly to be a breeze. 
Do you really need a power drill to drive in screws? 
Yes, you will find it much easier to use a drill to drive in the screws while assembling a chair. A screwdriver usually only leads to frustration and stripped out screw heads.  The screws go in tightly which is what you want. You will find a drill drives the screws in tightly with no problem. If you have never used a drill to drive in a screw, we strongly suggest asking a friend or relative who has experience to help you.