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Messmers UV Plus Stain

Messmers UV Plus Stain

Messmers Protective Stain Finish
If you want to extend the life of your Adirondack chairs and furniture you should seal it before it is exposed to the outdoors. We recommend using Messmer's natural protective stain or another oil based outdoor stain. Messmer's UV Plus® "Natural", is a deep penetrating alkyd-oil/urethane exterior transparent wood stain. It is a high quality product made in the U.S.A. by a family owned company located in West Jordan, Utah. The alkyd-oil based UV Plus deeply penetrates to strengthen and condition wood while maintaining a completely natural appearance. 

Messmer's Performance Features
It provides excellent long lasting water repellency as well as resistance against mildew and algae growth. The high concentrations of trans-oxide pigments protect wood from damaging UV rays while the concentration of natural oils condition and enhance the wood. Regular use will retard wood warping, shrinking and cracking. 
How Long Before Another Application Is Needed?
Expect the first application on a new unfinished durable wood to last 12 months or less, how long will depend on the weather exposure and type of wood as they vary dramatically in the amount of sealant they can absorb. However, expect your next application to last longer as the wood has now given mother nature back some of the natural elements that tended to keep the first application of sealant from pentrating as deeply. Remember this is a process, and it is worth the time and effort as your furniture will age beautifully. It is as easy as polishing your furniture indoors just wipe it on with a rag.
Buy UV Plus® Along With Your Furniture
You can order UV Plus® along with your furniture. It is easy to apply. After doing the necessary prep work; cleaning and possibly some light sanding you generously apply one coat of UV Plus® with a brush or rag allow it to soak into the wood and then wipe the excess off. 

Quart Cans Are Available Only At Our Retail Store

Messmers UV Plus® Gallon Can
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