Clarks Original Handcrafted Wooden Adirondack Chairs

We make our chairs like the iconic American chair in every way

All our original Adirondack chairs are built with premium top choice durable woods and high quality hardware. We hand select our lumber stock for board straightness, color consistency and as free of knots and surface damage as possible. We currently use; Cypress, Mahogany, Red Western Cedar, Ipe and Treated Yellow Pine woods. The bolts we use to attach the legs are either galvanized, stainless or bronze. The seat, arms and back slats are attached with powder coated Durafast wood screws and premium outdoor Titebond III wood glue.

Our Classic Adirondack Chairs are Designed to be Traditional and Long Lasting

To optimize long lasting chair strength, aesthetic beauty as well as symmetrical balance we use one and a half inch thick boards for the front and back legs. Using larger leg boards provides more surface area to screw and glue down seat and arm boards making our chairs sturdier and less likely to split out over time. All our original Adirondack chairs feature traditional wide one inch thick arms because they make a classic Adirondack chair what it is; without them you do not have the true iconic American chair. Remember a well balanced Adirondack chair should be not only eye catching but strong and durable. 

Detailed Craftsmanship Each Chair is "Built One at a Time"

After we finish cutting and sanding our chair parts we assemble each "One at a time". This is how we know that each and every Clarks Original Adirondack Chair that leaves our shop is our best. That every piece fits correctly and proper attention has been paid to all details.
Cedar Adirondack Chair
"Big Red"
Top Selling Classic  
Our Big Red classic has a 23" inch wide roomy seat, large broad arms, thick 2x6 leg boards, beautiful raked five slat board back, tapered front legs and a comfortable contoured seat. Available in Cypress, Cedar, Ipe and Mahogany.

Ipe Tremont Classic Adirondack Chair
An extra strong wood Adirondack chair that is made to handle rough and tough conditions. A heavy relaxing chair that is perfect for commercial applications. We have designed our Tremont Classic to handle anything you can throw at it. Available in Ipe and Treated Southern Pine.

Lakeview Adirondack Chairs
This chair is similar to our Big Red, but it is a little smaller. It has thick 2x6 legs, wide broad arms and a stylish five slat board back. The seat is contoured for added comfort and the front legs are tapered. Available in Cypress, Cedar and Mahogany.

Stained Cypress Bluegrass Gentleman
"Bluegrass Gentleman"
This Classic Adirondack chair has an upright sitting position that is similar to an indoor living room chair. An excellent chair for people who have a bad back or knees because it is easy to get in and out of. Available in 3 different woods.

Katelyn Adirondack Chairs
Top Selling Fanback
Our signature Katelyn chair is loaded with graceful features. The rolled front, the contoured seat, the wide tapered front legs, the thick curved back legs, the wide 7" inch paddle style arms and a tapered five slat contoured fanback make it a real eye catcher. For support and strength it has 1 1/2" inch thick boards for the front and back legs. Available in Cypress, Cedar, Ipe and Mahogany.

Cedar Adirondack Chair
The Crestwood chair design was inspired by a customer in South Carolina. It is as comfortable as it is beautiful. The wide fanback style back, large sloping paddle style arms and curved front legs set this chair apart from the rest. Available in Cypress, Cedar, Ipe and Mahogany.

Charm 5-Slat Adirondack Chairs
"Charmed 5-Slat"
This is our biggest chair. Features a five slat board contoured seat, a tapered five slat board contoured fanback as well as 1 inch thick by 9" inch wide paddle style arms. For optimum strength and symmetrical balance we use large 2x8 boards for the long rear legs and 2x6 boards for the front legs. Available in Cypress and Mahogany.

Westport Adirondack Chairs
"Westport Adirondack Chair"
This is a very unique and beautiful chair as well as a neat replication of American history. Our Westport chair seat is made with five slat boards for better water drainage rather than using only two like the original historical chair. Our 9 1/4" inch wide arms and beautiful solid one piece back are made just like the original Westport. Available in Mahogany and Cypress.